Artists' Statement

Artists Cynthia Beth Rubin and Yona Verwer, as interpreters of history, weave together the stories of the past and the present in layers of paint, photographs,video, and recording. Working with architecture from throughout the world, their work evokes the bittersweet traces of melded histories.

These collaborative works consist of digital prints, acrylic paint, and augmented reality on canvas, with imagery reflecting the neighborhood of New York's Lower East Side, mixed with traditional signs and related contemporary motifs from current LES synagogues. Historical interpretation is provided by historian Elyssa Sampson; music by Bob Gluck.

The works are participatory in that it includes Augmented Reality. Using an iPad or smartphone, the viewer can trigger videos or photos of the source material embedded in the artwork, embarking on a discovery process that leads the viewer closer to experiencing the sensations of the layered history of the Lower East Side.

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